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  • Dominik García

    Dominik García

    CS Student. Romantic. Most of problems can be solved with code, but love isn’t one.

  • Darius Foroux

    Darius Foroux

    Creator of the Stoic Letter (new letter comes out every Friday, exclusively on Medium) | Author of 7 books and 6 courses at dariusforoux.com

  • Aris Pattakos

    Aris Pattakos

    Founder & CTO @ GuestFlip Connect with me: https://arispattakos.carrd.co/

  • Colette Nataf

    Colette Nataf

    CEO @LightningAI, Demand Gen @Intercom, User Acquisition @MileIQ (acquired by Microsoft). Changing marketing through data science.

  • Ethan Sharabi

    Ethan Sharabi

    Full Stack developer. UI enthusiast currently @ Wix.com working on react-native-ui-lib.

  • Anthony Trombetta

    Anthony Trombetta

    Small business owner. Co-founder of Kairos Technology. Eternal student of leadership. Entrepreneurship enthusiast. Front-end developer. Aspiring designer.

  • Katy Hollobaugh

    Katy Hollobaugh

    Line cook and English teacher turned software engineer. Writer. Outdoors and spicy food enthusiast. Tw: @KatyHollobaugh

  • Jan D Weir

    Jan D Weir

    Trial lawyer, has taught Business Law at the University of Toronto, Author, Critical Concepts Canadian Business Law @JanWeirLaw | http://jdweir.com

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